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It's a Matter of Values

"What do you do when some of your values seem to be in conflict with each other?"

With the collapse of several well-known corporations recently comes a questioning of corporate values. As we ponder the demise of these business giants, we wonder why they suddenly disintegrated. What were the values of the leadership of these organizations? Did corporate greed trump the importance of the workers that enabled them to enjoy their elite status before their meltdown?

What about the housing issues we face today? Were they caused by lenders that valued short term gains versus the longer term financial health of their borrowers? Or were these problems cause by people wanting their dream house now without regard for the future implications of their decisions?

It’s unlikely that the factors leading to the failure of large companies or the housing market were this simple. But one has to wonder if there was a conflict of values at the heart of these financial problems. As we contemplate today’s business values, we must also review our own values.

What do you value above all other things? What do you hold inviolate in your life? What are the things that are at the core of your essence? Do you value honesty more than anything else? Is money the most important thing to you? Do you hold your rights in highest esteem? Do you consider safety to be most significant in your life? When people look at you, what do they say you represent?

What do you do when some of your values seem to be in conflict with each other? What do you do when you have to make a choice between two of your values? You are often faced with this situation as you ride. There are times when you must make a choice based on which of your values is the strongest. Which one of your values do you hold more strongly and are least willing to give up?

When you ride down a busy street do you value your right of way? The right of way assures you that cross traffic will stop and left turners will wait until you are past them before turning. The right of way assures you that no one will pull out from a parking place into your lane of traffic.

On the other hand, do you more highly value your safety when you ride down that busy street? Are you willing to give up your right of way to avoid a crash? Are you carefully watching those sharing the road with you and expecting them to steal your right of way?

If you value your safety above all else, not taking your right of way for granted is a big step towards ensuring your safety. Although you still value our right of way, expecting others to violate it allows you to be prepared if they do. You see, it boils down to a matter of values. Which do you value more, your right of way or your safety?

Ride Smart! Ride Safe!