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General Articles

This category is a potpourri of ideas and concepts written to foster thought, challenge accepted wisdom and improve the way we ride. Read and reflect on the viewpoints presented and think about how they can enhance your riding enjoyment.

Avoid the SPS Epidemic

There seems to be a new malady striking our highways these days and it presents some serious problems for us as we share those roads with other drivers. We need to do whatever we can to ensure we do not succumb to this dreadful disease. <more>

It's a Matter of Values

Our actions and decisions are guided by the principles and values that define us. Our lives are based upon these ideals and they affect everything we do, including our riding.  What are the most important things in your life? How do they affect your riding? <more>

Keeping Your Cool

Riding in summer’s warmth presents us with unique challenges in balancing the need for comfort with the need for protection. This  includes shielding ourselves from the heat itself. Fortunately we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other to achieve our goal. <more>

Simon Says

You've probably played the game "Simon Says" as a child. At times you may still be playing the game without realizing it. Many people get caught up in "Simon Says" type games simply be following the crowd. Playing these games while riding could be disastrous. <more>


With the potential problems lurking in both urban and rural settings, riding a motorcycle requires our full attention. We can’t afford to let anything distract us from our task at hand because our situation could turn ugly in a heartbeat.  <more>

Black and Blue

Motorcyclists represent the minority of vehicle operators among the traffic mix. When it comes to protecting our rights on the road, we can’t afford to divide ourselves into individual camps based on the brand or type of bike we ride. <more>