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Rider Risk

We face many risks while riding; other traffic, pedestrians, animals, weather and the road itself. By understanding the risks, we will be better prepared to deal with these threats to our safety. These articles talk about the hazards we encounter on the road.

It's All Fun Until...

Playing games is fun until someone gets hurt. How many times have you heard that line? Although no one expects anyone to get hurt when the game begins, but sooner or later, it seems like Mother's admonition becomes a reality. <more>

Roadside Monuments

Why are so many decorative monuments being placed along the roadside in remembrance of motorcyclists who were killed on our nation’s highways? What can we learn from these tributes that might prevent one being erected for us? <more>

Interesting Intersections

Most multi-vehicle crashes occur at intersections. That's where the greatest possibility for conflict exists because of the interaction of traffic moving in different directions. That's also what makes them so interesting and why they are fun to watch. <more>

The Troublesome SUV

Sport Utility Vehicles, including mini and full-sized vans and pickup trucks, create a special problem for motorcycles. Their size makes them vision blockers for both us and other drivers and impacts our strategy to see and be seen on the road. <more>

It Happened Again

How many times have you found yourself in a familiar although uncomfortable situation? Have you ever asked why this keeps happening to you? Have you ever thought about how your actions may be contributing to this repeating scenario? <more>

Searching for Excellence

How do you define excellence? What do you have to do to achieve it? Seeking to be the best you can be is often an ongoing quest. Find out what one company found in their search and how what they learned might help you become an even better rider. <more>