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Rider Education

Motorcycling is a continuous learning experience. We can always learn more about riding and how to better control our bike and situation.  These articles explore how we can continue to enhance our skills through a variety of formal and informal activities.

Motorcycle University

Higher education is often viewed as a means of getting ahead in our endeavors. Well, why shouldn't we want to learn as much as we can about our riding abilities? After all, our skills are one of the few protections we have when we're riding. <more>

Rust Proofing

We face an ongoing battle in my part of the world trying to keep the salt enhanced rust from eating up our vehicles. It's really not much different when we struggle to prevent the seasonal layoff from causing our riding skills to waste away. <more>

I Think I'll Crash Today

Nobody looks forward to a crash, nor do they plan one. Yet many motorcyclists still get involved in crashes. So how do we keep from joining those ranks? How do we avoid being in a crash? By learning more about crashes, we can better plan to stay out of them.  <more>

Growing or Rotting?

Many of riders can't remember what it was like when they first learned to ride. For many, what they learned or didn't back then has been all they've had to protect them over the years. Regardless riding experience, everyone can continue to learn more.  <more>

Salt Causes Rust

Most of us encounter a time of the year when the weather does not allow us to ride. Whether it is caused by excessive heat or frigid cold, our skills can erode during this seasonal hiatus. What are some things we can do to help keep ourselves sharp? <more>

More Polish, Please

We extremely proud of our shiny iron pony and we're still adding more chrome to it. We expend all necessary effort to keep it clean and sparkling so we can show it off. What about our riding skills? Are we maintaining them as well as we are our ride? <more>