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More Polish Please

We always seem to be looking for that extra piece of chrome to add to our scoot. Or we’re looking for ways to show off that new paint job we just had done.

Then we have to find just the right cleaner to remove any dust and road grime. And finally the proper polish to restore the shine and make our pride and joy sparkle. The more polish we use, the deeper the sheen we can build up and the easier our bike cleans up.

"But there is more to polish than just the paint and chrome of our putt."

But there is more to polish than just the paint and chrome of our putt. What about polishing our riding skills as well? The more polished our riding abilities are, the longer the polish on our iron horse will last.

Polishing our riding skills is just like polishing our motorcycle. We don’t do it once and say it will last a lifetime. Rather we frequently get out the rags and polish and shine our bike to renew its glossy finish.

We need to continually renew our riding skills as well, keeping them highly polished. In fact, the better we hone our skills, the more enjoyable riding our gleaming stead will be.

Obviously some of the skills we need to polish up are our physical riding skills. These abilities are critical to maneuvering our motorcycle. We also need to keep our mental skills sharp. The more we polish our mental skills, the easier and more natural they are to use. And the more we rely on our polished mental skills to keep us out of danger, the less we have to rely on our physical skills to get us out of trouble.

So when you take out the wax to polish your bike, think about polishing your riding skills, too. Sign up for that Experienced Rider Course you’ve been meaning to take. Now’s the time to get your name on the list. Call the rider course provider of your choice. Enjoy the feeling and pride of having a totally polished motorcycle.

Ride Smart! Ride Safe!