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Riding Strategies

A good riding strategy will help  manage and reduce the risks we face while riding. How do we implement a strategy and make it work for us to enhance our safety? These articles discuss the value of having and using a plan to tackle the challenges of riding.

How Far Is Far Enough?

How far can we be pushed? How far can we push things? How close must someone be to too close?  When is enough enough? How close or how far we are to others, and they are to us, can have a potential impact on our riding enjoyment. <more>

Riding with Power

What does it mean to ride with power? What does this mean for us? How can we ride with the power we need to have an enjoyable and event free outing? How do we use our abilities responsibly so we can gain this power? <more>

12 Second Rule

We may be familiar with the five second rule, but what about the twelve second rule? How does the twelve second rule work and how can it help us stay out of trouble as we ride down the road? What can we gain by adding it to our riding strategy? <more>

Sharing the Road

When we talk of sharing the road, we normally mean other drivers sharing the road with us. But what does sharing the road really mean for us? How can we share the road with other traffic in a way that will help us avoid problems during our ride?  <more>

Picking Sides

When you were a child, which team picked you was important. Today you're still asked which side are you are on? Have you chosen the group you want to support with your resources? Picking sides is very important to our riding as well. <more>

Think When You Ride

We often think of the physical aspect of riding a motorcycle, but it is very much a mental activity. too. With all of the things going on around us and our vulnerability, we have to keep our mind engaged as we interact with our riding environment.  <more>