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New Riders

"The longer you've been riding, the easier it was to learn." New riders face a special challenge because experienced riders forget what the struggle was like for them. This section provides reassurance and guidance for new riders beginning their journey

Welcome Aboard

As a new rider, you may be facing some tough challenges. Finding a way to stay within your comfort zone could be one of the greatest, especially when riding with others. But you know that you enjoy riding more when you are able to remain relaxed. <more>

The Beginning

You're a rider! You're a rider! You've started on a journey to enjoy the world from a totally different perspective. But the trek is also a continuous learning experience. You’re not an expert, but you keep getting better all the time. <more>

Learning to Ride

One could say that learning to ride a motorcycle can be challenging. A new rider must develop a well defined set of both mental and physical skills. But the path to proficiency doesn’t separate learning from doing. In fact, the two are intertwined. <more>

Stealing Your Fun

Your friends are almost as excited as you are about your developing riding skills. They desperately want you to become the rider of your dreams and they’re willing to help by taking you riding. But their enthusiasm may inadvertently get in your way. <more>

The ON/OFF Switch

There are several controls on a motorcycle that have an ON and an OFF position. For many riders, there is one control they normally operate as a two position switch, but can be much more useful when it is  controlled between the two ends of its spectrum. <more>

Bike Talk

Are you bilingual? You should be. In addition to your original language, you need to be able to understand the language of your motorcycle. It is always talking to you and you need to know what it is saying. <more>

Carla and Ned

Calm Carla and Nervous Ned were both enrolled in a beginning rider course. Both were there to fulfill a dream by learning to ride a motorcycle. Their stories show two different approaches to the course and the results they produced. <more>