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WELCOME to Safe Rider Online

Riding Safer by Riding Smarter

Motorcycle riders, passengers and enthusiasts will enjoy this collection of safety articles and stories written especially to improve your skills because riding more safely keeps the fun in your ride.

Whether a new or experienced motorcyclist, these articles will help you learn to better manage your risk and to ride with more control which will increase your overall comfort level while riding.

The tips, techniques and strategies discussed will compliment your training, further develop your skills and enhance your riding enjoyment.

Hard to Kill

Featured Article

In the 1990 movie Hard to Kill, Steven Segal plays Mason Storm, a police officer who secretly endures a coma for seven years after an assassination attempt on him and his family. Following his amazing recovery and in spite of the grueling effort required to rebuild his atrophied body, Mason dedicates himself to finding the criminals that killed his wife and left him for dead.

Operating in typical Steven Segal fashion as a one man army because he doesn’t know who he can trust, Mason seeks a determined enemy that he can’t always identify. Nearing the end of his relentless pursuit he tells his lifelong friend, “We’re gonna win. I’ll tell you why. Superior attitude. Superior state of mind.”

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Books by Linda and Chuck

We're often asked by new riders we teach how they can take what they learned in class to become smooth and confident riders like the people who got them excited about riding. We gathered our thoughts in Saddle Time: Gaining Confidence.

We were facilitating a lot of group riding workshops and frequently hearing similar questions from each seminar. Unable to find a single resource to address these recurring questions, we wrote Riding Together: A Guide to Group Riding.

After writing monthly newsletter articles for over fifteen years, we decided to publish a selection of new and revised articles as food for thought in The Motorcyclist's Soup Kitchen: 101 Ideas to Chew On When You're Riding or Not.