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RIDER EDUCATION - Other Learning Opportunities   

ABC's of Traction

When the rubber meets the road, there is nothing more critical to us than traction. What does traction do for us? Why is traction such a concern to us? Because there is a limited amount of traction available, we must understand how that traction is used.

<ABC's of Traction>

Seasoned Rider

The average age of motorcyclists in the U.S. now exceeds forty. Using a 13 minute DVD, this interactive session helps riders assess and compensate for the effects of aging on their ability to effectively manage risk when operating a motorcycle.

Available from MSF

Riding Straight

The effects of mixing alcohol and riding is well documented. This module uses a short video and a variety of activities, including simulator goggles, to help motorcyclists make wise choices regarding drinking and riding, through education and prevention efforts.

Available from MSF

Group Riding Workshop

Sharing the passion with other riders  makes group riding fun and exciting. The Group Riding Workshop helps prepare riders by exploring communications tips before and during the ride, special riding techniques, and other group riding skills to make the event even more enjoyable for everyone.

Available from MSF

Group Riding Tips

While conducting workshops for various groups, we often hear the same questions and concerns about riding in a group. Here are our answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions about Group Riding.