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Recommended Reading

Riding Together – A Guide to Group Riding, Chuck Miles, 2005

Saddle Time Gaining Confidence, Linda and Chuck Miles, 2006

The Motorcyclist’s Soup Kitchen – 101 Ideas to Chew On when You’re Riding or Not, Linda and Chuck Miles, 2008

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Maximum Control - Mastering Your Heavyweight Bike, Pat Hahn Motorbooks, 2009

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Motorcycle 101 – A Common Sense Primer For Today’s Rider, Dave Preston, Mixed MEDIA, 2003

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Proficient Motorcycling – The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well, David L. Hough, Bowtie Press, 2000

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Riding in the Zone – Advanced Techniques for Skillful Motorcycling, Ken Condon, Whitehorse Press, 2009

Stayin' Safe – The Art and Science of Riding Really Well, Lawrence Grodsky, Whitehorse Press, 2008

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Total Control - High Performance Street Riding, Lee Parks, Motorbooks International, 2003


Motorcycle Consumer News, Bowtie News