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National Agenda - NAMS

The National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety is a comprehensive plan to improve motorcycle safety in the U.S. It contains 82 recommendations in 5 categories to improve motorcycle safety on our nation's highways.

<NAMS Report>

NAMS - Implementation

Approximately half the NAMS recommendations are directed to states and communities. This guide helps state and community organizations improve motorcycle safety by identifying 7 categories of potential action steps.

<NAMS Implementation Guide>

Motorcycle Safety Plan

NHTSA’s 2006 Motorcycle Safety Plan centers on crash prevention, which offers the greatest potential safety benefit for motorcyclists, while also addressing injury mitigation and emergency response.

<2006 Motorcycle Safety Plan>

Driver Distraction

NHTSA and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted a 100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study to better understand the causes of crashes. The impact of driver inattention surfaced in this driver behavior study.

<100-Car Naturalistic Study>

U.S. DOT Action Plan to Reduce Motorcycle Fatalities

Key initiatives for 2008 and 2009 include a Motorcycle Crash Causes and Outcomes Study, national standards for new rider training, stricter helmet certification labeling, distribution of Roadway Safety for Motorcycles for designing motorcycle safer roads, a police training program on motorcycle safety and a Share the Road campaign kit.

<U.S. DOT Action Plan>

Zero in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's program to reduce highway fatalities