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Mental Skills

The more we use our mental skills to keep us out of trouble, the less we have to rely on our physical skills to get us out of a jam. These articles focus on the need to keep our mental skills sharp to reduce our reliance on last minute evasive maneuvers.

The Blindfold Effect

How many times have you seen other people driving down the street as if they were wearing a blindfold? How many times have you been riding down the highway like you had a blindfold on? Riding without being able to see is courting disaster. <more>

Knowing Your Limits

Everyone has limits as to what they can do. Robbie Knievel has expanded his limits beyond those of his famous father, Evel. While our limits might be a little lower than his, are they as well defined? Do we really know what our capabilities are?  <more>

The Sport of Riding

There are many situations we face while riding that can put an abrupt end to our ride. Drawing a mental picture, or better yet producing a mental movie, of how we will handle these situations will help us be prepared for them if they occur. <more>

The Completed Project

You could view any ride you take as a project. If you do, then what do you need to see the project through to completion? It is a series of tasks that lead to the finished product. But how do those tasks fit together to result in a successful ride? <more>

Stronger Values

When we are riding in traffic, we are often faced with choices that can produce conflict between our head and our heart. The decisions we make in these situations are often based on our values and can determine what happens to us as we ride down the road. <more>

The Drive to Be First

The sporting world, from the little leagues of our children and grandchildren to the professional ranks, is a highly competitive environment. How often does this aggressiveness find its way into our riding, even if it’s not us leading the charge? <more>