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The Sport of Riding

We live in a very sports oriented society. From local youth teams to professional athletes, we watch, support, root, and bemoan the activities of these players. It doesn't matter whether it's a team sport like baseball or soccer or individual sports like diving or archery; we love to participate in some way. 

Much of the coaching of athletes involves visualization. As the Olympic diver stands on the three-meter platform, she remembers her coach's words to visualize the dive and see the water splash straight up as she slips into the water vertically and. smoothly Professional golfers often practice in their minds, visualizing the putt rolling across the green, breaking left and falling into the cup.

The boy learning to play football and aspiring to be a wide receiver is coached by his father to see the pass all the way into his hands. The youngster in little league is coached to watch the ball all the way into her glove. They're both told not to take their eye off the ball.

Visualization is the process of creating mental images to bring about what you desire. This practice of producing a video in your mind plays a critical role in the sport of motorcycling, too. Seeing things as they are and seeing what and how you will do things are important to enjoying the ride. Replaying your mental video of a possible situation you might face and how you’ll handle it properly prepares you in the event you actually experience that scenario.

"You’ll have a lucid image of the positive results of your actions as you physically execute the scene in your mental video"

Having captured in your mind how you will deal with that car pulling out in front of you will make the response much easier and natural if it does pullout. There will be no question or hesitation about what to do and you’ll have a lucid image of the positive results of your actions as you physically execute the scene in your mental video.

Seeing the clear path of travel and visualizing your bike maneuvering through it helps prepare you for when the branches drop in front of you from that trailer on its way to the dump. Because you’ve already designed and practiced your response to this situation, the obstruction in your way is no problem as you guide our ride around it.

Having a clear vision in your mind's eye of your bike smoothly gliding through that curve ahead can greatly help it become a reality. If you replay the video in your mind as you approach it, you’ll most likely find yourself automatically selecting the proper entry speed and position as you enter the curve to smoothly and effortlessly glide though it.

Visualization is important. Confident riders picture themselves in control of their motorcycle and so should you. See how you will respond if ... Don't stop looking and watching. Then you'll be ready for whatever may come your way. You'll be prepared and able to see your way clear. Keep your mind's eye in the game and see your ride all the way to the end.

Ride Smart! Ride Safe!