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I Love These Bars

The T-shirt I saw displayed in a local motorcycle shop was emblazoned with the message, “I love these bars.” My mind started scrolling through the statistics indicating that the rider had been drinking in 30-50% of all motorcycle fatalities and I wondered why anyone would wear a shirt like that. Yet we all seem to have bars that we love.

Whether it’s the Road Trip Tap in Riding, OK; Rider’s Roost in Sunset, WY or the Open Throttle in Lucky Chance, NV, many bikers have their favorites and like to spend some of their time there. You can undoubtedly find a number of motorcycles outside of the many biker friendly bars in your area on any day during the riding season.

"They play such a very important role in my life that I am devoted to them."

I’m also partial to a few watering holes, but my favorite bars are the ones on my motorcycle. I adore and treasure my handle bars because they do so many things for me. They play such a very important role in my life that I am devoted to them.

The bars on my motorcycle control the overall direction of my bike. All steering input is accomplished solely with the handlebars. By smoothly pressing on the hand grips, I can cause my bike to lean through the turns as we slice the curves together. A more aggressive press will move my bike quickly to avoid an obstacle directly in our path.

My handlebars also provide a convenient place to hold all the thumb operated controls of my motorcycle. These include the turn signals, horn and starter as well as the high/low beam and engine cutoff switches.  Having these controls so handily located allows me to use them without having to take my hands of my beloved handlebars.

Your handlebars are very important and you want to make sure you treat them well. But like a lover, you can get in trouble if you try to play with more than one bar at a time. You don’t want to lose your handlebars and you don’t want to bend them. Either of these things could happen if you get your bars mixed up and try to have fun with several bars at once.

Stopping at a tavern for even a drink or two while out on your bike will likely affect your ability to clearly identify potential problems developing around you on the road and to quickly and accurately decide what to do to avoid the situation. The result could be ending up with your handlebars being bent and broken.

You may not become involved in a crash, but you also run the risk of being pulled over for riding while impaired. Based on your state’s laws, you could face the consequences that might include having your bike confiscated. Either scenario suggests you won’t be able to play with and caress your cherished handlebars for a while.

Don’t betray your handlebars by playing with other bars while you leave them abandoned in a lonely parking lot outside. They deserve the embrace of someone who loves them enough to hold them with a steady hand and an unencumbered mind. Show your bars how much you love them.  The bottom line is to take care of your bars and they will take care of you.

Ride Smart! Ride Safe!