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All Wrapped Up

We’ve all said disparaging things about the other drivers on the road. We lament about how stupid they are and wonder how they ever managed to get a drivers license. We bemoan the fact that they often violate our right of way and accuse them of being out to get us. But these are just people and they aren’t stupid. Some of them are the very people to whom we entrust our health, wealth and legal issues. In fact, most of us drive cars and trucks on the same roads like these people do.

They might have different goals and priorities than the dreams we’re chasing. Their career could be the most significant thing in their lives as they strive to be the most successful person in their field of endeavor. Maybe their family means more to them than anything else and they believe spending time with them has the greatest value. Their reason for being on the road is probably different than ours.

"It’s just that they have their own thoughts and concerns and they sometimes get wrapped up in themselves."

They don’t intentionally do things in traffic that put us at greater risk. It’s just that they have their own thoughts and concerns and they sometimes get wrapped up in themselves.  They all have unique life experiences that shape their attitudes and behavior. They may also have different stressors in their lives than we have in ours or they could have similar ones.

How can we make ends meet? Why can’t I provide a better life for my family? What might happen to my company and my job? How will I get everything accomplished I’m supposed to do in the precious little time I have to get it done? What’s happening with my parents’ health? How can I help my kids grow up and get a good education?

We need to be conscious of them because they're in a world of their own. They’re hard working people like us, but they’ve got their own problems and struggles and are likely wrapped up in their thoughts of dealing with them. Consequently they are not necessarily aware of us on the road. Even if their mind is not distracted by their daily challenges, they may not be able to properly determine our speed or distance.

We should beware of making rash decisions and making abrupt moves when we’re around them. We can’t readily identify which of these other drivers is deep in thought with their personal issues so we have to maintain smooth and steady operation of our motorcycle in traffic. Because they could be wrapped up in themselves, we must give them space so we don’t get caught by any unexpected moves they might make.

We have to avoid riding too close to them by keeping at least a two second minimum following distance between us and their vehicle. It may seem like a long ways in today’s traffic, but it can give us the time we need to react to whatever they might do. We should always leave ourselves an out in traffic as well. This means keeping a hole available to dive into to avoid a crash if the need occurs.

Just like on a boat, we need to wrap ourselves up in a life preserver. The more we wrap ourselves up in life preserving of time and space, the more options we’ll have to deal with those other drivers who are wrapped up in themselves.

Ride Smart! Ride Safe!