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Relish Every Ride

A relish is a condiment that adds to the flavor of the food with which it is served. It enhances the taste of the main food item by producing something with a more interesting essence than if it were served plain. There are many types of relishes including pickle, tomato, carrot, cucumber and onion. They all dress up whatever is being served and make eating it more enjoyable.

Just as you may put relish on foods like hamburgers, you can relish to your rides as well. Unlike the garnish of catsup or pickle relish on a hot dog or sausage, you probably won’t slather mustard on your bike, but you can still relish every ride you take.  Relish also means to enjoy or savor something in which you take delight and riding certainly fits that bill. You want to relish every ride because tomorrow’s ride is not guaranteed. 

As you review the ride you’ve just completed, there may have been some times that you didn’t feel as comfortable as you would have liked. While it is important to identify those things so you can work on becoming a better rider, don’t focus all your attention on them. Seize the opportunity to take pleasure in those things you did well. Motorcycling is a continuous learning activity, so celebrate how your skills are improving with every ride.

"You want to relish every ride because tomorrow’s ride is not guaranteed."

As you tooled along your chosen route you were undoubtedly playing nicely with traffic. Then someone may have done something that got your heart pounding a little faster than normal. Maybe another driver attempted to share your piece of real estate on the road causing you to take some evasive actions to avoid a crash. Most likely you were rather disturbed by their offensive behavior. Certainly that was not something you enjoyed.

Their careless action could easily make you angry with them. The trick is not to get upset by someone doing a rather uncivil act like cutting you off. Feel good about the fact that you handled the situation instead of being incensed over their lack of roadway courtesy. Life is too short for placing blame, so relish the realization that you had the skills to safely deal with the problem.

Regardless of what happens on the road, appreciate the things that went well on your ride. Enjoy the time you were comfortably riding and interacting with others on the road. Delight in the sense of total control you had of your motorcycle as you smoothly sliced through the corners. Savor the exhilaration you felt as you gently rolled on the throttle all the way through those curves.

Every ride could always be better and the more you ride, the better it will get. Recognizing what didn’t feel right during a ride will allow you to enhance your riding skills, but don’t dwell on those things. The things that made you feel comfortable during your ride will build your confidence so cherish them. Relishing your ride will enable you to become a smoother and more competent rider. Like a condiment blends in with a sandwich, relish your ride to become one with your bike.

Ride Smart! Ride Safe!