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Collecting and Creating

The Encarta dictionary defines the word hobby as "an activity engaged in for pleasure and relaxation during spare time." Fundamentally we know that hobbies usually involve collecting things or creating things. Collecting hobbies include pursuits like acquiring stamps (stamp collecting,) displaying mementos (scrap booking) and gathering fish species (fishing.) Examples of creating hobbies include making wooden items (woodworking,) producing artwork on canvas (painting) and recording events on film (photography.)

Whether a hobby is collecting or creating something, it represents a recreational release involving displaying the items for personal viewing or to share them with others. Avid coin collectors recognize the condition of a coin as well as its real value and catalog their various coins in a manner that enhances the showing of their collection. As photographers expand their portfolios of pictures, they arrange their assortment of pictures to easily find and exhibit their creative works.

"Regardless of your view of motorcycling, your riding involves the creating and collecting of things.

Regardless of your view of motorcycling as a hobby, a sport or a mode of transportation, your riding involves the creating and collecting of things so that you can show them off as well. For example, it is virtually impossible to maneuver a motorcycle through a series of sweeping curves on a deserted back road that require the bike to glide from side to side while rarely being held upright without creating self-satisfaction and a mind full of memories. Cresting a hill and seemingly being able to suddenly see the whole world spread out in infinite and glorious beauty indelibly etches one's memory with breathtaking panoramic images that can never be forgotten.

A devoted stamp collector or gardener grows and learns through their experiences; building their knowledge base and the increasing their proficiency with their chosen avocation. So as we craft and amass memories and experiences while riding our favorite iron pony, we should also be expanding our know-how and expertise in motorcycle control and operation.

We need to become students of our riding as we keep exercising both our mental and our physical skills and abilities. Not only will frequent practice ensure a high level of readiness for the unexpected, it will help us build our database of what works in various situations.

The experiences we gain as we ride can make us a better rider if we reflect on what we're doing and look for ways to make it feel even smoother and more comfortable. We should learn from each of these experiences so we can pilot our steel steed more proficiently and with greater control. Continuous learning and practice will enhance our riding skills enabling us to ride with added confidence.

Using our experiences to improve our abilities strengthens our riding and allows us to display our growing collection of skills. Then we can use those skills to keep creating and collecting more as our passion and enthusiasm drive us to become the best rider that we can be.

Ride Smart! Ride Safe!