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WELCOME to Safe Rider Online

Riding Safer by Riding Smarter

Motorcycle riders, passengers and enthusiasts will enjoy this collection of safety articles and stories written especially to improve your skills because riding more safely keeps the fun in your ride.

Whether a new or experienced motorcyclist, these articles will help you learn to better manage your risk and to ride with more control which will increase your overall comfort level while riding.

The tips, techniques and strategies discussed will compliment your training, further develop your skills and enhance your riding enjoyment.


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Regardless of how hard we try, we cannot stop the aging process. Some might call this the maturation process, but not all of us grow up as we age. We can stop counting birthdays, but we still continue to get older. Pills, herbs, creams and enzymes may seem to delay it, but they still won't stop the progression. From the day we are born we are headed toward impending antiquity.

According to the 2010 U.S. census, there was a 21.1% increase in the 62 and older population in America. As we continue to change calendars, we begin to notice some changes in our bodies. We may no longer see that strapping 16 year-old we used to see in the mirror. The reflection we see may well be different than that pretty teenage girl that used to look back at us. In fact, some of us might need glasses to see any image at all.

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Books by Linda and Chuck

We're often asked by new riders we teach how they can take what they learned in class to become smooth and confident riders like the people who got them excited about riding. We gathered our thoughts in Saddle Time: Gaining Confidence.

We were facilitating a lot of group riding workshops and frequently hearing similar questions from each seminar. Unable to find a single resource to address these recurring questions, we wrote Riding Together: A Guide to Group Riding.

After writing monthly newsletter articles for over fifteen years, we decided to publish a selection of new and revised articles as food for thought in The Motorcyclist's Soup Kitchen: 101 Ideas to Chew On When You're Riding or Not.