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Group Riding FAQs

How can we get new members to ride in our group?

By inviting them and making them feel welcome and comfortable riding with your group. Many groups sponsor special group rides for new riders where experienced riders work with the new members to help them gain group riding experience. A group riding workshop might precede the ride to ensure everyone understands the special techniques of riding in a group. What is covered during the workshop can then be demonstrated and practiced during the ride. Remember that the purpose of these rides is to help new members gain a comfort level with group riding and not necessarily to get them to ride the way our group rides.<back>

How should we address inappropriate behavior during a ride?

The ride leaders are responsible for ensuring the safety of the ride so inappropriate behavior needs to be addressed quickly and firmly. Two or three of ride's leaders should approach the offending rider to discuss the situation. Keep the conversation focused on observed behaviors that are deemed inappropriate for the group. Explain how the behavior impacts the group and why it cannot be tolerated. Ask the rider how they view the situation and what they believe is happening. Encourage the rider in a positive manner to cease the offensive acts. If the behavior doesn't change, make it clear that the rider cannot continue riding with the group.<back>