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Group Riding FAQs

What is a pre-ride inspection?

A quick inspection before the ride that checks the general condition of each motorcycle to ensure it is ready for the ride. This is normally done by riders looking at their own bikes and includes such things as tire pressure and wear, fuel and other fluids, lights, and controls. Inspecting the bikes before the ride begins can reduce the possibility of mechanical problems during the ride. <back>

What is a pre-ride meeting?

The pre-ride meeting is conducted just before the ride to discuss the details of the ride and to go over the general rules that will govern the ride. This is a good time to explain where the group might encounter a difficult situation like a busy intersection and how they will deal with it. Hand signals should be reviewed so that everyone understands what they mean. The meeting should also discuss what to do if someone gets separated from the main group. A contact phone number, maps or route sheets could also be distributed to alleviate the anxiety of getting split up at an intersection. <back>

Are hand signals necessary, especially right, left and stop, for group rides?

Although not required, hand signals serve to aid communication within the group and to alert the riders that the group is planning to turn or stop. Letting riders know what is happening during the ride tends to make the ride more enjoyable for everyone.<back>

How do we educate everyone about the importance of hand signals?

The pre-ride meeting is an excellent place to convey the importance of hand signals that the group will use and to review what each of them means. Even if you participate in group rides every week, you will likely have at least one rider that has not ridden with you before and will need to know what and how important the hand signals are. Some of your riders may also ride with other groups that may use different signals and a review of the ones you use will benefit everyone.<back>

Where should the group leader ride?

The group leader will normally ride in the left third of the lane to ensure the greatest visibility to oncoming traffic and to the group itself. The rest of the group would follow in a staggered formation. <back>

Where should we place inexperienced riders in a group ride?

Inexperienced riders should normally ride in the front of the group with experienced riders interspersed among them. This allows the ride leader to better assess the effect on the newer riders of the pace being set. It also reduces the impact of the rubber band effect on these less experienced riders and helps keep them within their comfort zone.<back>

How can we communicate within the group?

The majority of communication that is required is done during the pre-ride meeting. Once the ride begins, communication is normally minimal and handled by hand signals that everyone understands and passes on through the group.<back>